What Has Changed Recently With ?

What Has Changed Recently With ?

What You Need to Know before Getting to interact with the Police

There are over 10 million arrests being made each year. Chances are that at one point you could be involved. Being arrested is not the only time you can interact with the police. Chances could be that you have a traffic stop, police questioning, and several other things. You need to have the knowledge in that case of what to do to get out safely and keep your rights. To avoid being treated unfairly, the following some of the things that need to be clear to you when you interact with the police.

First, there is the need to inquire if you are being detained. An arrest and detention almost look the same in that you will remain in the police custody for some time. However, the only difference is that is only for a short while where you are questioned and after that, you are released. For an officer to detain you, they need to have reasonable suspicion but have no cause to arrest you. In the case of detention, you need to ensure that you stay silent as they can use the information you give them to arrest you.

Alternatively, you also need to know if they are arresting you. You need to understand the difference between the two situations. It is also necessary to understand the steps you need to take in the event of an arrest.

There is the need to ask for your lawyer when you have an interaction with the police. You will realize that with some people, they will avoid doing this as it makes them feel guilty even after doing nothing wrong. What you need to have in mind is that the police always have an agenda in mind any time they want to interact with you and it may not always mean well for you. Avoid as much as possible to say a thing unless your lawyer is presented.

It is essential also if it is the case of arrest or a detention to know the reason for either of the two. You need to know that you cannot be arrested without a probable cause and hence important to ask what the arrest is for. It will also be to your advantage also as you will know what to respond to and what to remain silent about.

A warrant is another thing that you need to see before making any interaction with the police. In the situation where they want to arrest you, they should show up their arrest warrant first.

Ensuring you are in the know to all this is important but most importantly know when to remain silent.