The Path To Finding Better Companies

The Path To Finding Better Companies

Important Things to Remember Before Going to a Star Naming Registry and Buying a Star

One of the most perfect gift ideas out there is buying a star for your loved one. The movies have inspired a lot of people to buy a star and name it after their loved ones. For some people, they think that naming a star is as simple as giving your loved one a certificate that you have bought a star and used their name for it. Despite the fact that the process may sound too simple to do, you have to understand that it simply is not. If you want to name a star, you do not turn to commercial companies to do it.

As of this writing, there are at least six companies that offer to sell you the rights to name a star. They may seem legit. You get pamphlets, a prestigious and official looking certificate, and some information about your star. In terms price, it is also just right starting from $40 to $60.

And yet, what these companies miss out to tell you is that they are not given any right to name a star. Until this day, the sole source of naming stars officially recognized is the International Astronomical Union. And clearly, they are not a commercial organization.

Companies that sell you a star often provide you with wrong information on their websites with misguided facts contrary to the real deal. They are used to only speaking half-truths and hiding information from you. Only when you insist and ask them the real questions will they give you straight answers. However, there are still some better options of star naming registry that can give you legit services if you want to name a star. Finding a legit star naming registry should not be difficult if you read more now for more info.

Being straightforward to you is something that a good star naming registry will do if you purchase a star from them. As a matter of fact, when you contact them, somebody will answer your questions directly and not just do sales pitch.

Despite the fact that the name you give a star does not imply official recognition, a reliable star naming registry will ensure to make it a good gift. On parchment paper, you can have your certifcate prepared by the star naming registry costing you under $55 only. For this amount, you get a book explaining consolations, the name of the star that you have, and an astrological chart that has the new name of your star in mind. You can choose to have this certificate framed. You may also have a letter of congratulations made for the recipient of this gift.

While this may be a novelty gift, you know that it is one that uses a lot of your thought. Just make sure to go to a legit star naming registry.

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